June Adobe Walls Battle

Adobe Wall Trophy
Coveted Adobe Wall Trophy

This is the original 2015 announcement and explanation of the battle.

Our June Great Basin Sharpshooters match falls on June 25; 142 years after the dust up at Adobe Walls in 1874 and the time of the Billy Dixon shot and the origin of our Billy Dixon Society.

We are planning a special shoot as a commemoration. We did this last year and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

Instead of our regular competition we will draw random lots into two teams and compete against each other as teams. The score keeper will not record the individual’s hits only record as a team so no individual score will be kept. (If you want to keep count of yours you must do it yourself) This way those of us will not be so obvious that are inconsistent (most of us) or less experienced or having a bad day. This will be a good time to learn and practice as all your team can coach you.

We will generally follow our regular shooting schedule with about 50 total shots including 3 at the Renegade.

If there is an odd number on one team the scorer will select someone secretly and record their score on both teams to keep it even.

You must attend a shooters meeting at 8:00 and we will begin the shoot at 8:30.

If you have suggestions or complaints on this procedure please call BR-549.