Event Attire – 1800’s Rifles, Bullets and Garb

Buffalo Hunters

As we were sitting around after a shoot lying, bragging and making excuses for missed shots, one of the guys summed up one of the reasons we do this very nicely: He was horseback riding with a friend in an area touched very little by anything modern and could see the same for miles. The friend said “This makes me think of how it must have been 150 years ago and I enjoy the feeling that I am almost back in history”. That is similar to how we feel with our buffalo shooting with BPCR rifles. It takes us back for a little while to a different and exciting time.

Haven’t we all on the way to the buffalo match or somewhere in the desert, plains, or mountains where civilization is not evident, at least at the moment, imagined what the country was like back then. Part of what we do is to experience a little of that history. We like to stay as close to the dress, equipment and methods as in the past. Notice that we do not shoot from benches, with scopes, use computer ballistics, rigid stands etc.

So when we say period costume appreciated we are encouraging at least leather boots, jeans, cowboy or brimmed hat and then work towards something more if you wish, but not to the extent of Roy Rogers type get up.

We avoid camo, shorts, tenny runners, tee shirts that say Vote for FDR and such like.

Here is what we looked like at the June 2015 Match

June 2015 Shooters
June 2015