2018 Buffalo Class Changes

We want to encourage and keep the spirit of the 1800’s era traditions, dress and long standing history of the Great Basin Sharpshooters. Also, in order to accommodate those not wanting to jump fully into those waters we will begin two separate classes of shooting for the Buffalo and Mid Range shoot starting in 2018. We realize there are shooters that are not interested in period dress and their main concern is accuracy. There will be a Buffalo Class and an Open Class, to be shot at the same time with those matches. The Open Class will accommodate those other than in the Buffalo Class.

The BUFFALO CLASS will be (refer to the Event Attire section of our web site for the goal or spirit):

  • Sitting on the ground or on a box or stool which must be covered with a period material
  • Using traditional wooden cross sticks with a spike or prong on the end of each stick
  • Wearing cowboy or buffalo period clothing to include as a minimum: leather foot wear, suspenders or leather belt, cowboy or similar hat, jeans or period pants
  • Wearing period U.S. military clothing
  • BPCR cartridge rifles of 1860-1895 design with an open hammer with lead bullets and black powder
  • Lever guns must have tube magazines
  • Period scopes but not for score

Note: in extremely hot or cold weather the dress can be relaxed somewhat as long as the spirit of the era remains in the dress.

Not Allowed in the Buffalo Class:

  • Rigid or multi feet sticks
  • Ball caps, tennis shoes, flip flops, printed or camo clothing
  • Prone position
  • Duplex, smokeless or black powder substitute
  • Receiver sights on single shots

The OPEN CLASS will be (includes items not allowed in the Buffalo Class):

  • Rigid sticks, more than 2 pieces
  • Clothing not approved for the Buffalo Class
  • Period scopes but not for score, rifles and bullets must be the same as the Buffalo Class
  • Prone position
  • No duplex loads will be allowed
  • Black powder substitute and smokeless powder allowed