June 2021 Match Results

Here are the results.

Billy Dixon shoot:

Grand and only champion — Brownie with 2 hits (out of 3 shots) with his trusty Stevens 44 in 38-55; 330 grain Lyman Postell bullet, Swiss 1 1/2 powder. No one else got a hit on Will the Renegade, although there were some close enough to make him flinch.

Other matches:

Match Winner Score
Buffalo Match Buffalo Class Dan 20/32
Mid Range Buffalo Match Buffalo Class Skip 19/20
Big Bore Lever Match (Rifle Caliber) Chris 19/20
Military Bolt Match Dan 18/20
Military Single Shot Match Dan 19/20
22 Rim Fire Match Earl 17/20
25 Cal. Match (Quarter Bore) Dan 19/20
Pistol Cal. Lever Gun Match Earl 16/20

There are updates to the high scores for the year based on the June match results at the link here.

Butch and Brownie spotting
Butch and Brownie spotting