May 2017 Match Results

Here are the results of the May Match.

Match Winner Score Gun
Buffalo Match Skip 22/32 45-90
Mid Range Match Chris 20/20 45-70
Big Bore Lever Match Skip 16/20 40-50 Bottle Neck Sharps
Military Bolt Match Tommy 18/20 30-40 Krag
Military Single Shot Match Tommy 15/20 45-70
22 Rim Fire Match Brownie 18/20 22 LR
25 Cal. Match Chris 17/20 25-20 Win
Pistol Cal. Lever Gun Match Brownie 18/20 44-40

There are updates to the high scores for the year based on the May Match results at the link here.


Brownie dusting off a target




Pinkerton riveted by the exciting shooting



Tweedledum and Tweedledee