June 2017 Match Results and July 2017 Preview

Headlines: New shooter (pic below) and the Adobe Walls Battle team event is rescheduled for the July Match on July 22nd – don’t miss it.

Here are the results of the June Match.

Match Winner Score Gun
Buffalo Match Dan 26/32 45-100
Mid Range Match Dan 17/20 40-65
Big Bore Lever Match Skip 18/20 40-50 Bottle Neck Sharps
Military Bolt Match Skip 19/20 6.5 Swed. Mau.
Military Single Shot Match Gary 16/20 45-70 Trap Door
22 Rim Fire Match (tie) Brownie, Dan 19/20 22 LR
25 Cal. Match Skip 17/20 25-20 Win
Pistol Cal. Lever Gun Match Brownie 16/20 44-40

There are updates to the high scores for the year based on the June Match results at the link here.


New shooter joins Buffalo Match




Buffalo shooters on the range



Pinkerton resting up for the next match