July 2017 Match Results with Adobe Walls Battle

Headlines: New shooters (Joe and Mark) and the Adobe Walls Battle team event was held – see picture below.

Here are the results of the July Match.

Mid Range MatchDan19/2040-65
Big Bore Lever MatchDoc17/2040-70
Military Bolt MatchTommy20/2030-40 Krag.
Military Single Shot MatchGary17/2045-70 Trap Door
22 Rim Fire Match (tie)Dan19/2022 LR
25 Cal. MatchJoe20/2025-20 Win
Pistol Cal. Lever Gun MatchBrownie16/2044-40

There are updates to the high scores for the year based on the July Match results at the link here.


2017 Adobe Walls Battle winning team L to R: Jeff, Brownie, Mark, Gary, Butch


Tommy and Doc dressed up for the military matches


View of the firing line from the 1200 yard targets


Three years of Adobe Walls Battle trophies